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South African author wants to motivate Filipino’s with her book

Chasing the Dream

On the other news South African author Kamogelo Masoga, aged 24 has signed a consignment agreement with CentralBooks. The author has published a book titled ‘Chasing the dream’ and she can’t wait for Filipino’s to read it. She said her book is a collection of 10 short stories that are motivated by the challenges that we experience in our everyday lives.

“The stories in my book are about courage, overcoming your fears and challenges. When someone has a dream, they need to have courage to be able to overcome that fear they have in their mind that they won’t make it and start chasing their dream. That’s what my book is all about. It motivates and inspire you to chase your dream and go after your passion” says Kamogelo Masoga.

The author believes that bringing her book to Philippines will change a lot of Filipino’s lives, not only will it motivate and inspire individuals but it will also help Filipino’s who love reading and learning English. The book will even help school learners who are struggling with English since it’s a collection of short stories. Her wish is that the book can reach high school students because she wants to help them normalize the culture of reading English.

Chasing the Dream

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