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TeaM Energy installs water system in waterless Quezon communities

TeaM Energy Water System
The water system includes a 120,000-liter water storage tank which is piped to several communities. Shown in photo during an inspection of the completed facility are (from left to right): Juliet Velasco, External Affairs Supervisor, TeaM Energy; Froilan Gregory Romualdez III, External Affairs Head, TeaM Energy; and Jay Gaspar, Community Affairs Coordinator of TeaM Energy.
TeaM Energy Water System
One of the communal water facilities in Barangay Ibabang Polo. The 15 communal facilities, with two faucets each, will be used by the residents to access and store tap water.

AT LEAST 100 FAMILIES, comprised of over 500 individuals in Barangay Ibabang Polo, Pagbilao, Quezon will now have access to tap water through strategically located communal facilities, after TeaM Energy, through TeaM Energy Foundation Inc. (TEFI) completed the installation of a fully operational water system in cooperation with the Ibabang Polo Barangay Government Unit.

This project brings the benefits of running water to formerly waterless communities. We are elated to complete this multi-phase project despite the challenges posed by the pandemic,” said Froilan Gregory H. Romualdez III, External Affairs Head of TeaM Energy.

Completed over a span of three years, residents will now have access to tap water through several centrally located communal facilities. In the past residents had to rely on expensive, delivered water for their daily needs.

The water system consists of a pump that brings in ground water to a 120,000-liter storage tank, which is piped to several communities, where a total of 15 communal facilities consisting of two faucets each were installed, where the hundreds of residents can access and store tap water.

The water system in Barangay Ibabang Polo is a three-phased project which includes the identification of water source, drilling, and the installation of pipes and faucets. Through this project, communities in Barangay Ibabang Polo now have access to tap water for the first time.

TEFI is the social development arm of TeaM Energy, which operates two coal-fired power plants: the 735 MW Pagbilao Power Station in Quezon, and the 1,200 MW Sual Power Station in Pangasinan. It also has a 50% stake in the 420 MW Pagbilao Unit 3 Power Project in Quezon, and a 20% stake in the Ilijan natural gas project in Batangas.

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