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Victory Liner Grabs Campaign Asia’s Top Brand for Customer Experience

Victory Liner

With a rich history spanning 78 years in the transportation industry, Victory Liner, Inc. (VLI) has established itself as a premier service provider, renowned for its exceptional offerings. Recognized as Campaign Asia’s top brand for customer experience, VLI epitomizes unwavering commitment to excellence.

Over decades, the company has consistently set industry standards by prioritizing customer satisfaction. This prestigious accolade underscores VLI’s dedication to delivering seamless, convenient, and memorable journeys for each customer. As VLI continues to innovate and evolve, it remains steadfast in its mission to exceed expectations and uphold its position as the preferred choice for transportation needs.

The rankings are derived from Campaign’s esteemed compilation of Southeast Asia’s top 50 brands for consumer experience, recently unveiled at Campaign360 in collaboration with research firm Milieu Insight. This comprehensive survey encompassed six key markets (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines). Renowned brands, meeting minimum awareness thresholds across 11 sectors, were meticulously evaluated across five crucial CX criteria: quality, purchasing experience, customer service, brand touchpoints (efficiency in both digital and offline brand interactions), and advocacy (level of recommendation), shaping their customer perception.

Commitment to passenger satisfaction

VLI has revamped its terminals to provide a modern and refreshing atmosphere, characterized by sleek designs and ample lighting. Soft neutral tones create a tranquil environment, ensuring a comfortable travel experience amidst the bustling activity of bus commuting.

The company prioritizes passenger comfort and cleanliness, offering upgraded waiting areas with ergonomic seating and exclusive sections for premium passengers. Renovated restrooms guarantee improved hygiene, while a streamlined ticketing system and friendly staff enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. Equipped with WiFi connectivity, the terminals ensure passengers stay connected throughout their journey. Strategically located along major thoroughfares, Victory Liner’s commitment to convenience and accessibility underscores its dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers.

Widest transportation network in Luzon

Victory Liner boasts a formidable fleet of more than 1,000 buses, solidifying its position as one of the largest bus companies in the Philippines. Their diverse fleet comprises various reputable recent enhancements aimed at elevating reliability and passenger comfort. Additionally, the introduction of luxurious Volvo B8R royal class buses signifies Victory Liner’s endeavor to brands such as Daewoo, Hyundai, Kia, King Long, MAN, UD Nissan Diesel, Yutong, and Volvo. Demonstrating a commitment to modernization, Victory Liner consistently updates its fleet, with redefined bus travel standards.

Reliable business partner

VLI introduces Drop & Go, a no-frills cargo delivery system ensuring next-day delivery across Luzon. This service caters to businesses, particularly in e-commerce, seeking quick, hassle-free delivery solutions for perishable items or those aiming to enhance customer service. Acting as a facilitator between sellers and buyers, Drop & Go simplifies order fulfillment challenges with its next-day branch-to-branch delivery, leveraging Victory Liner’s extensive network in North Luzon. By offering swift and cost-effective cargo services, Drop & Go allows businesses to focus on core operations, promoting growth and efficiency. For buyers, the service ensures seamless delivery, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and convenience.

Victory Liner

Victory Liner ensures connectivity throughout the region by offering passenger transport across Luzon, including premiere and express trips. Additionally, the company provides cargo services for convenient terminal-to-terminal transportation of goods. For corporate outings and special occasions, Victory Liner offers bus rental services tailored to meet various needs. The company has likewise integrated modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and modern buses into its services to enhance customer satisfaction. Moreover, through strategic partnerships with companies like PLDT Enterprise and Globe Business, Victory Liner has implemented initiatives like free Wi-Fi on buses, further elevating the passenger experience.

With a steadfast commitment to efficiency, safety, and passenger comfort, Victory Liner continues to solidify its position as one of the leading transportation providers in the Philippines. No doubt then that Victory Liner deserves the recognition from Campaign Asi as top brand for customer experience as the company has consistently set industry standards by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

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