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DOST, MVC capacitate health researchers through R&D Clinic

MVC RD Clinic
Photo op with the participants and speakers during the Research and Development Clinic in Mountain View College

The Department of Science and Technology in region X and Mountain View College hosted an in-campus Research and Development Clinic in collaboration with the DOST Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOST-PCHRD) on March 7-8, 2024 in Valencia City.

Attended by 21 researchers and faculty, the activity was aimed to capacitate the participants in crafting proposals for potential funding opportunities. The health researchers were engaged in a series of insightful workshops and interactive sessions aimed at identifying their research strengths and niches.

These sessions were complemented by presentations of research proposals covering critical areas such as Health of Vulnerable Populations, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health, Mental Health, and Nutrition and Food Security.

MVC RD Clinic
Mr. Paul Ernest N. De Leon, MDM delivers his topic on [topic title] during the research and development clinic in Mountain View College
“Health research plays a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being of our community. Our institution is dedicated to supporting and promoting research initiatives that can truly impact the lives of individuals and families in our area,” said Dr. Remwil Tornalejo, President of MVC.

Prior to the workshop proper, Mr. Paul Ernest de Leon, Chief of the Research and Development Division from DOST-PCHRD, was able to disseminate the National Unified Health Research Agenda 2023–2028. Mr. De Leon highlighted the importance of the NUHRA as a guiding framework for prioritizing health research initiatives.

A total of seven crafted research proposals were conceptualized to address pressing health challenges facing the communities, reflecting the dedication and expertise of the participants.

As a culmination of the event, these proposals will be submitted to the current call for proposals for DOST-GIA funding under PCHRD. This strategic move aligns with the overarching goal of fostering collaboration and innovation in health research, ultimately contributing to the advancement of healthcare solutions in our region.

The DOST Team was composed of Mr. Paul Ernest de Leon (Chief, Research and Development Division), Dr. Sarah Jane Jimenez (S&T Fellow, RDMD), Ms. Nheka Louise De Mesa (OIC-Program Head, DRR-CCAH R&D), Ms. Cristel Leo Romano (Project Manager, Functional Foods and Nutrition), Engr. Linreb G. Mondero and Engr. Jessa Aromin (NorMinCoHRD Staff). (Jessa Q. Aromin/DOST-X)


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