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Isko: All Manilans to get food boxes

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno tells barangays to give food boxes to those living in concrete houses and condominiums. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

RICH, middle class or poor, everyone in Manila should be covered by the city government’s food security program (FSP).

Thus stressed Mayor Isko Moreno, as he directed those who have not been receiving the food boxes being distributed monthly by the local government, to go to their respective barangays and inquire.

Moreno called on barangay authorities not to make the food boxes stay in the barangay hall a second longer and to distribute them at once the moment they are delivered to them.

“Wag na ninyong hintayin na magpapunta pa kami ng pulis dahil two days or three days na sa barangay hall ang mga food boxes. Botante o hindi, bigyan ninyo ha? Hindi ito eleksyon, pera ng taumbayan ‘yan,” Moreno stressed.

“Ke nasa condominium, padalan nyo. Nasa Tondominium, padalan nyo. Hindi porke’t bato ang bahay, hindi na kasama. Wala tayong pipiliin, aakapin natin lahat,” he added.

The mayor said that according to his policy, the number of food boxes that the local government is distributing is based on the number of families living in the city which is about 700,000 in all, regardless of status in life and not based on the number of houses, noting that sometimes, four or five families live in a single structure.

In the case of those who live in concrete houses, Moreno said they also deserve government attention and it is important to make them feel that their taxes are being put to good use.

“Gaya kami dati, patong-patong ang mga squatter pero isang building lang. Minsan apat o limang pamilya nakatira. ‘’Yung mayaman, paramdam n’yo taxes nila. Di nila kailangang hingin pa. Don’t pre-judge dahil lahat ngayon kailangan ng tulong,” Moreno added.

For the fifth day in a row yesterday, the city government continued delivering the food boxes for the month of April. As of the other day, the total number distributed already reached 250,000 families.

It was learned that those behind the delivery of the food aid to the residents also worked on Saturday and Sunday to cover more barangays.

Also yesterday, the Manila social welfare department led by its chief Re Fugoso herself, continued distributing the social amelioration program cash aid of P4,000 per recipient.

Fugoso personally made the rounds to see to it that the distribution of the said financial assistance was carried out simultaneously in an orderly manner in various areas in the city and while still observing the minimum health protocols.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight