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Manila Civil Registry records mula 2019-2024 are now digitized

Honey Lacuna
Mayor Honey Lacuna lauds Manila Civil Registry Office chief Encar Ocampo for the digitization of records from 2019 to present. (JERRY S. TAN)

Mayor Honey Lacuna congratulated the Manila City Civil Registry Office (MCCRO) headed by Encar Ocampo for having successfully undertaken the digitization of its records from 2019 onward.

Lacuna also announced plans to do the same for records 2019 backward, saying the process is meant to make searching for records easier and faster.

The MCCRO is the keeper of various records that include birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates.

Ocampo said that also in the custody of her office for safekeeping are court decrees regarding annulment, adoption, legitimation, correction of entries, acknowledgement, pre-nuptial and oaths of allegiance.

According to Lacuna, those seeking out records from 2019 to present will be issued a copy at once, since the digitization of records for the said period have already been completed.

Once verified that there is such a copy in the MCCRO, the client will be able to get a certified true copy (CTC) right away and will be able to go home with the copy of the record he needs.

If registered and the document already has a digitized image, a copy is made once it is entered for verification so that when the client contacts, the MCCRO already has a copy made for issuance. This way, the client need not go back to City Hall and schedule the release of the document they need.

Ocampo said that only those whose records have not been entered into the digitized system actually have to wait while the others could already go home with the copy of the records they need.

She assured Lacuna that the digitization of the records earlier than 2019 is already ongoing.

Just the same, Ocampo said that the records for certain years have already been scanned and indexed for easy retrieval.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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