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Revolutionary gov’t a slap on Pinoy voters

UniTeam senatorial candidate Harry Roque said calls for a revolutionary government is a big slap on both the Philippine Constitution and the Filipino electorate who wants to lawfully and peacefully exercise their democratic rights in the May elections.

The former presidential spokesman urged the pro-revolutionary government group to respect the Constitution and prevailing laws because the country is still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and dealing with the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Roque said, “It is outrageous, counter-productive, and insensitive to incite the public towards an unconstitutional change of government at a time when our nation is facing a health crisis and possible inflation.”

The former member of the House of Representatives said the country could not afford another threat to its economic, political, and social stability.

“The Philippines is a nation of laws with functioning branches of government and democratic institutions,” Roque stated. “We have a freedom-loving citizenry who adheres to the transitory provisions for elective and appointed officials enshrined in our Constitution.”

He cited Article 5, which safeguards the Filipinos’ right to suffrage, and Article 18, which prescribes the electoral process for the presidency, vice-presidency, and members of Congress.

Roque said a revolutionary government would overthrow the incumbent leaders voted into office by the people and abolish the Constitution ratified by the electorate in 1987.

“Within two months, we will elect our new executive and legislative leaders. This is the democratic process that can ensure the orderly and peaceful transition in government,” Roque stressed. “It will be the opposite under a revolutionary regime.”

Roque urged the pro-revolutionary group to air their grievances and complaints on the Constitutional and legal course.

Recently, a group led by retired military general and former presidential aspirant Antonio Parlade, Jr. held a dialogue on a revolutionary government to end corruption in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) at the People Power Monument.


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