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Shape Up or Ship Out – Airport GM to Service Contractors

Eric Ines and Chris Bendijo
MIAA general manager Eric Ines (left) and MIAA Head Executive Assistant Atty. Chris Bendijo during a meeting with contractors in charge of pest control. (JERRY S. TAN)

AN irked Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Eric Ines held a meeting with airport housekeeping and pest control service contractors, giving them an ultimatum to perform according to the terms of their contracts with MIAA or face a ban on joining future biddings.

Terminal administrators, service contractors and health experts from the Bureau of Quarantine and MIAA Medical convened with Ines to review the current state of sanitation services across all NAIA terminals.

Ines directed terminal administration groups to deploy more inspectors to monitor and supervise the work of contractors and re-evaluate the effectiveness of current housekeeping and pest control SOPs vis-à-vis increasing volume of people and the changing conditions inside the Terminals.

It was learned from public affairs Connie Bungag that the MIAA is set to revise the Terms of Reference (TOR) for service contracts, imposing stiffer and higher penalties for liquidated damages. Contractors are asked to submit weekly and monthly commitments of work to be done, establishing an immediate response mechanism through close coordination between contractors and MIAA management.

Expressing disappointment over recent sightings of pests and insects in Terminals 2 and 3, the airport chief, however, clarified that the ultimatum is to remind them about the accountability clauses in their service agreements with the MIAA. Most housekeeping and pest control contracts of MIAA are due to expire this year.

“Mag-eexpire na ang kontrata niyo, hindi ko lang hindi iri-renew. Iblablacklist ko pa kayo,” Ines said.

Bungag said that in response, the contractors committed to increase frequency of surveillance and disinfection, augment manpower deployment to ensure round-the-clock response, increase visibility, and recommend a work program that would achieve greater impact of cleaning and disinfection methods without affecting seat availability.

When asked about the effectiveness of chemicals being used for deep disinfection, the contractors assured the MIAA that they employ periodic replacement owing to the ability of pests and insects to develop immunity to chemicals over time. They further assured the MIAA that the products they use are FDA approved and regulated.

Bungag said that Ines is set to meet within the week its Concessions heads to look into their monitoring schedule of business concessions and effectiveness of l current punitive measures against those who violate terms and conditions in their contracts with MIAA.

The airport chief also gave order to the newly appointed senior assistant general manager, Beng Reyes, to initiate the revival of the Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee (IACC) designating her as Chairperson.

The IACC is a monthly meeting between MIAA and airport agencies from the private and public sectors. The Committee will be a regular forum where industry partners can have a dialogue with the MIAA Management with the end view of addressing issues and concerns affecting the way these stakeholders conduct their daily operations in NAIA. It is also expected to elicit recommendations for Management to consider for better customer service.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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