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Betting Options on the Official Website of 1xBet



Since its founding in 2007, 1xBet has not failed to maintain the quality trend in its service to players. The platform features a gaming license from a reputable authority, Curacao Gaming. The game library of 1xBet is filled with fun and real money games. 1xBet features over 2000 casino games and over 40 sports betting. You are sure to get premium entertainment by wagering on the 1xBet platform.

1xBet, a legal and reputable betting platform, is a beacon of extensive wagering options. It has various betting options, from sports and live betting to casinos. 1xBet is set to offer players an exciting gaming experience. This guide will examine the betting options on the 1xBet official website.

E-Sports Betting

E-sports betting is gaining relevance in the gaming industry, and 1xBet doesn’t miss out on this option. On the 1xBets site, there is a spectrum of E-Sports that you can play for real money. Whether you are into video games or old-school sports, you can get premium entertainment.


CS:GO is a popular e-sports feature on the 1xBet platform. In 1xBet, You can bet on live events and pre-matches in the CS:GO. The game features betting options such as CCT Online Finals, European Pro League, ESEA Europe, YaLLa Compass, etc.

League of Legends

Looking for where to explore your favorite League of Legends games? Search no further, as 1xBet Philippines is here to meet your needs. Explore the world of League of Legends at the official website of 1xBet Philippines, where the NEST championship takes the main stage. Dive into the action by directly observing real-time statistics and the round timetable on the website. Whether you enjoy placing bets on the pulse-pounding experience or prefer engaging in advanced live betting, 1xBet creates an avenue that makes your gaming experience thrilling.


FIFA is another e-sport variety that 1xBet features on its official website. You can go beyond just wagering on FIFA matches. You can hop on the statistics of previous games and complete with betting numbers on the 1xBet platform. All you need to do to make your gaming experience rewarding is take a comprehensive look, analyze the gaming landscape, and give predictions based on concrete numbers.


If you love StarCraft, then the 1xBet betting platform is ideal. Engage in the fantastic betting experience by placing bets on international events, the ASL revenge battle, or the KCM Leagues. With the dynamic landscape, there is always a new thing to explore. You can’t get bored playing StarCraft on the 1xBet Philippine betting platform.

Online Casino


One fact about the 1xBet betting platform is that there is something for every player to explore. The platform has over 2000 casino games in its library. So, if you enjoy playing casinos, the 1xBet is an excellent platform.

Live Casino

The live casino section of the 1xBet features several categories. 1XLive is one section offering exclusively live games for 1xBet users. In this section, you play in real-time with real dealers. You can communicate with a fellow player as you game on the go. Famous games featured on the platform include Dragon Tiger, VIP Blackjack, English Blackjack, and many more.


The Bingo section of the casino option of 1xBet features several games from sic renowned providers, such as Caleta Gaming, G.Bingo, LiveG24, FLG Games, Atosfera, and Eurasian Gaming. Some titles featured on the platform include Bingo 75, 90 Bingo, Tomatino Bingo, and Instant Bingo.

Casino Games

The casino games include Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots, and Roulette.

Betting Varieties on the 1xBet website

Here, we will look at the betting varieties featured on the 1xBet official platform.

  • Outcome of the match: This is where you bet on the line or result of a match.
  • Total goals: dive into a less specific bet where you can bet on the number of goals in a match.
  • Both Teams: In this kind of bet, you wager on whether both teams will score a goal.


The 1xBet betting platform transcends players’ expectations by offering various betting options. You will have a thrilling experience on the 1xBet website, from E-Sports to casino games. 1Xbet caters to the betting preference of every player. You will surely get something that suits you on the 1Xbet official website.

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