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KartRider Rush+ Gets a Royal Makeover with Season 16 “Louie’s Castle” Update

KartRider Rush Louie's Castle

Players can speed through new regal tracks, race against challenging AI and participate in a limited-time in-game event

SEOUL – Nov. 9, 2022 – Fans of the mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ are invited to ascend the throne in the game’s Season 16 “Louie’s Castle” update. Players can race through the ornate hallways of a storybook castle with new legendary karts “Blitzer,” “Royal Carriage” and the highlight kart of the season, “Dragon Saber.” New themed tracks such as “Tri-Cut Rail Line (Mine)” and “Scrub-a-Dub Tub (Castle)” will also be available to explore.

Nexon also announced a brand-new “Boomhill PvE Race” system that allows players to race against a variety of strong AI NPCs with varying levels of difficulty. Additionally, a new “Spotlight System” will place a spotlight on the player with the highest level of cuteness before each race. An in-game event, “Welcome Boomhill PvE Race Invite,” will challenge players to earn “Shield Shards” for special items including the “Knights Helm Hair (M).” The event’s ranked race missions will close by Sunday, Nov. 27.

To celebrate the upcoming Soccer Festival, Nexon is also giving away several soccer-related in-game rewards such as “Soccer Pitch Aura” which can be obtained by pre-registering from Friday, Nov. 11 to Friday, Dec. 2 or by logging in from Thursday, Nov. 24 to Friday, Dec. 2. Players can also exchange “Soccer Shards” earned by logging in and participating in ranked games for items such as “Soccer Fan Handheld” and “Soccer Kit Set.”

Players can visit Nexon’s official YouTube channel to watch the latest trailer.

Fans can find more detailed information on KartRider Rush+ and the new “Louie’s Castle” season on the official website.

Official Website of KRR+: [LINK]

Season 16 ‘Louie’s Castle’ Trailer: [LINK]

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