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Lumagui: BIR dismissal of employee for POS-CRM tampering supported by DOF, together with another batch of BIR dismissals

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Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui Jr. welcomes the support of the Department of Finance (DOF) in upholding the integrity and professionalism of BIR employees. The support of the DOF was manifested in its confirmation of several dismissals made by the BIR for erring BIR personnel. The cases vary from Grave Misconduct, Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service, Violation of Republic Act 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and Violation of Reasonable Office Rules and Regulations. The DOF also confirmed the dismissal of an erring BIR personnel tagged in tampering and altering the Point of Sales-Cash Register Machine (POS-CRM).

“The BIR is closely monitoring syndicates that tamper POS-CRM machines. Once discovered, we will file criminal cases against all conspirators. If there is a BIR employee involved, aside from the criminal case, we will immediately remove you from office,” Commissioner Lumagui stated.

In May 2023, the Commissioner pursued the filing of criminal cases against the BIR personnel who, alleged to be in conspiracy with his wife, tampered with and sold POS CRM machines that manipulate taxpayers’ sales and deprived the government of its revenues. This was also accompanied by an administrative case requiring confirmation from the DOF.

To date, the DOF affirmed the BIR Decision dismissing the erring personnel. It confirmed that the respondent took advantage of his position when he and his wife entered a business related to his work at the BIR. Worse, he introduced himself as an employee of the BIR, and even personally installed the POS machines to taxpayers capable of manipulating tax data, to the detriment of the government.

The DOF Decisions affirmed the Commissioner’s rulings and reiterated that BIR employees should exhibit upright and noble public service to protect the integrity of the institution.

“Walang lugar sa Bagong BIR at sa Bagong Pilipinas ang mga kawani na sila mismo ang tumutulong paano mangdaya ng buwis gamit ang POS-CRM machines. Tatanggalin namin kayo sa pwesto, ipapakulong din namin kayo. Kayo dapat ang ehemplo sa tamang pagbayad ng buwis,” Commissioner Lumagui stated.

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