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Maritime manning agency Senator Crewing (Manila), Inc to inspire young children alongside crews from Doulos Hope

Doulos Hope

Maritime agency Senator Crewing has welcomed the latest addition of the GBA Ships fleet Doulos Hope – and is inspiring young children into the world of seafaring.

The company, part of Columbia Group, supplies qualified Filipino seafarers and ensures their welfare.

Capt Gilbert Garcia, Director at Senator, Mark O’Neil, CEO of Columbia Group, Capt. Fradi Faouzi, Director Crewing and Training Columbia Group and Tychonas Agisilaou, Owner’s Representative CSM Manila attended the official opening of Doulos Hope on March 28.

Doulos Hope

Around 20 employees from Senator will also enjoy a courtesy visit at Doulos Hope in April to purchase books for donation to the Children of the Dump – a charity based in the UK dedicated to helping Filipino children, in particular those struggling with extreme poverty.

Doulos Hope will join the GBA ships fleet in welcoming thousands of visitors onboard every year at different ports throughout the world to share knowledge, help and hope in every port, with floating book fairs. The fairs offer many diverse titles, providing a lot of their visitors with their first-ever opportunity to choose from a wide range of literature.

The maritime crewing specialists, based in Manila, then plan to invite volunteer crew members from Doulos Hope to conduct a storytelling session together with Senator office staff at a sponsored school by Children of the Dump, in collaboration with the charity’s Filipino partner Asian Student Christian Foundation.

Capt Gilbert Garcia
Capt. Gilbert Garcia

Managing Director of Senator Crewing, Capt Gilbert Garcia said: “We are delighted to be involved in welcoming the Doulos Hope to the neighbourhood. By working with crew on the vessel, we are looking forward to telling the story of seafaring life through engaging and interactive storytelling sessions with local schoolchildren.”

Since 1975, Children of the Dump has been committed to providing education and opportunities for young people in the Philippines.

Mr O’Neil added: “Columbia Group values working with local communities we are part of, and I am delighted to be working with Senator in helping young Filipino children. Doulos Hope is a fantastic project and seeing first-hand the fantastic work it does is inspiring.”

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