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Thomas Müller is the Bundesliga’s top assistant for the 2021/2022 campaign

Thomas Müller

The German championship is a tournament where there is always a clear favorite, namely Bayern Munich. By the way, you can now place bets on any match involving this team at 1xBet Philippines.

In the Bayern squad of the 2021/2022 season, the best assistant of the Bundesliga was none other than Thomas Müller. The seasoned player had an outstanding campaign and notably contributed to his club’s title victory.

Müller had 18 accurate assists in the 2021/2022 campaign. He was very confidently ahead of all his competitors. Thomas remained one of the central figures in Bayern’s attack and regularly brought the team value.

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That season, Bayern confidently secured the national championship title, with Thomas making an enormous contribution. He consistently drove the club’s attacks forward and, moreover, served as one of the team’s moral leaders.

Key factors in winning the assistants’ race

Muller is a player with vast experience, familiar with the Bundesliga and all its intricacies. This enabled him to devise solutions that confounded new opponents. By the way, it’s simple to place bets on matches involving all German teams with a reliable company. Register, fund your account and the prize will be credited to your 1xBet bonus account. It is easy to keep track of its status through your personal cabinet.

You can easily invest additional funds, including in Bayern match predictions, where Muller was able to make his mark on the score sheet.

1. Reaction and thinking speed. Thomas thought ahead of the situation. Thanks to this, he made passes that helped fuel his club’s attacks.

2. Chemistry with his teammates, particularly with Robert Lewandowski, was evident. There was genuine chemistry between them on the pitch, with Muller providing many assists to Lewandowski.

3. The art of passing was Muller’s forte. His passes were frequently precise and well-timed, effectively speeding up his team’s attacks and positioning his teammates perfectly for scoring opportunities.

Thomas had an exceptional season, which not only led to him winning individual accolades but also contributed to the team’s triumph in the Bundesliga. If you’re still interested in the Bundesliga today, sign up for a new account on 1xBet, claim your bonus, and earn money on all the team’s matches. This will give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge every day.

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