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Avoid activities that would expose studes to harmful sun – Lacuna to school authorities

Studes on harmful sun
Mayor Honey Lacuna during a visit in a school in Manila. With her in photo is Vice Mayor Yul Servo. (JERRY S. TAN)

MAYOR Honey Lacuna called on those running the schools in Manila to avoid conducting outdoor activities that would expose the students to extreme heat and put them under prolonged sun exposure.

The mayor also said she is leaving it up to the school authorities to decide on what measures they should implement to mitigate the heat and ensure the safety of their studentry.

A doctor herself, Lacuna noted advice from health experts stating the peak hours and harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the scorching heat of the sun during the hours of from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The mayor made the pronouncements amid the latest data from PAGASA saying the heat index in various parts of the country might go as high as 46 degrees Celsius in the coming days.

According to the mayor, the decision rests on the school authorities themselves since they are the ones who know best what to do and what adjustments can be adopted for the convenience not only of their students but the faculty members and school staff as well.

For her part, Lacuna said she is still encouraging face-to-face classes not totally into online classes, so as to lessen the learning gap in schools.

She also urged school authorities to ensure that their classrooms have good or proper ventilation and that the students are properly hydrated.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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