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Blackpink joins KartRider: Drift in Season 5

Blackpink joins KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift Races into First Place with an Exciting New Season

November 30, 2023 – KartRider: Drift is the ultimate free to play, online cross-platform kart racer, and Nexon and Nitro Studios are thrilled to announce the launch of Season 5, where players can explore all new tracks and events as K-pop stars BLACKPINK hit the asphalt with chic skins, adorable emotes and fierce karts.

Global superstars JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA from BLACKPINK are ready to drift in style, bringing two new skins, emotes and decals for each member, as well as a new kart, the Pink Venom Supercar. In addition, players can earn a 4-set BLACKPINK Balloon Pack just by logging in during Season 5.

A new season means new tracks, and Season 5 adds eight on launch. Two extra tracks have been added to the Graveyard and Factory themes, as well as the new Moonhill area, a vast and vibrant metropolis with sprawling skylines, winding tunnels and busy streets. Players can race by the neon glow of the city lights as four tracks drift into the Moonhill area today.

The eight new tracks releasing in Season 5 are:

  • Moonhill: Central Station
  • Moonhill: Mean Streets
  • Moonhill: Streetcar Run
  • Moonhill: Lawless Tunnel
  • Factory: Trapworks
  • Factory: Bang and Clang
  • Graveyard: Altar of Secrets
  • Graveyard: Skeletal Citadel

Season 5 also welcomes a new racing pass, allowing players to earn free rewards by completing challenges and winning trophies. Upgrading to the Premium Pass lets players maximize their rewards, earning the Wolf Mask Raptor R at level 30, and the Polar Bear Uni and Monster rewards at level 40. New events will be added each week including track events and daily login rewards, allowing players to earn decals, skins and more just for playing the game.

  • Login Event – Earn a 4-set BLACKPINK Balloon Pack by logging in during Season 5.
  • Super Moonhill Event – Complete multiple missions as you race through different game modes. Earn the Golden Moon Kart and Moonhill decals.
  • Daily Rewards – Log in daily for special gifts, including Younger Twin Raptor L, Older Twin Raptor R, Shovel Balloons and more.

KartRider: Drift has visited the garage for a tune up; players can read about all of the changes here.

Season 5 of KartRider: Drift is available to download and play for free on all major gaming platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PC (Nexon Launcher), iOS and Android mobile devices.

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