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Every race is a sports extravaganza in KartRider Rush+’s Season 21 update “The Boomhill Games”

Players can unleash the athlete within as they gear up for a sporting event like no other

SEOUL – Nexon’s turbocharged racing game KartRider Rush+ invites players to dive head-first into the ultimate sporting spectacle in the electrifying Season 21 update, “The Boomhill Games.” Racers can take the wheel with the newest sports icons “Sportscaster Ethen” and “Coach Lodumani” on heart-pounding circuits including “Mystic Monastery (Tomb)” and “Airfield Jump (Ice)” and gear up for glory in the latest karts “Marathon Champion” and “Cotton Ultra.” Players can also immerse themselves in a world of sports innovation with game-changing additions, including a newly minted “Boomhill Games” Home theme.

Players who join the race will experience:

  • Thrilling “Boomhill Games” Themed Additions – Racers can prepare themselves for the ultimate victory lap with new karts “Marathon Champion and “Cotton Ultra,” conquer treacherous terrain on “Mystic Monastery (Tomb)” and “Airfield Jump (Ice)” and join forces with the freshest athletes on the track, “Sportscaster Ethen” and “Coach Lodumani.”
  • Powerful Boss Kart – The Season 21 boss kart, “Hyperion,” is the apex of speed and engineered for pure velocity. Players can choose from either the “Hyperion Eclipse” or “Hyperion Blaze” designs for an unrivaled edge.
  • Epic “Point Race” Content – In “Point Race,” players can play Rush mode and clear daily missions to amass valuable points. These points unlock a treasure trove of rewards, including “K-Coin,” “Batteries” and more. The first 1,000 players to dominate every match will earn a coveted “Custom Plate Voucher” which grants a “Custom Plate” in the upcoming season as a mark of triumph. Additionally, racers can prepare for the endless thrill of skill and endurance in “Infinite Mode” where they’ll aim to conquer as many stages as possible.
  • Celebratory Rewards – In celebration of the 21st season, Nexon is giving out rewards such as “Rice Cake Balloon” and “Tug of War Plate (Perm)” until Sunday, Sept. 10 to players who log in and play KartRider Rush+ ranked races. Additionally, racers who complete objectives including logging in, playing ranked games and sending gifts to each other will earn a “Kimbap Balloon,” “Triangle Kimbap Headgear,” “Cute Persimmon Driftmoji,” “Cute Persimmon Glasses” and so on. Lastly, players can also obtain a “Nitro Puzzle” upon completing daily and weekly quests which can be exchanged for a “Marathon Champion,” “Turbo Crystal” and more.

More information on KartRider Rush+’s “The Boomhill Games” season is on the official website.

  • Official KartRider Rush+ Website: [LINK]
  • Season 21 “The Boomhill Games” Trailer: [LINK]

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