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KartRider Rush+ players race to victory in season 20 update “World Kart Championship”

Players can zoom across treacherous tracks and earn epic rewards in Season 20 of KartRider Rush+

SEOUL – July 6, 2023 – Nexon’s high-speed racing game KartRider Rush+ invites players to experience epic thrills and intense adrenaline rushes in the all-new Season 20 update, “World Kart Championship.” Racers can zoom around with the newest character “Citrus Chen” on exhilarating tracks including “Shanghai Circuit (WKC)” and “Rally Circuit (WKC)” and kick it into high gear in the latest legendary karts “Cerberus” and “Spirit Venger.” Additionally, players can celebrate the 20th season by unlocking the mythical highlight kart, “Dark and Light Dragon,” and participate in the thrilling “Boomhill Survival” to earn plentiful rewards.

Players who join the race will experience:

  • Various “World Kart Championship” Themed Additions – Racers can prepare themselves for victory with new karts “Cerberus” and “Spirit Venger,” traverse risky roads on “Shanghai Circuit (WKC)” and “Rally Circuit (WKC)” and step on the gas with the latest character to join the race, “Citrus Chen.”
  • Powerful Highlight Kart – The Season 20 highlight kart comes packed with legendary charisma and players can choose from either the “Light” or “Dark” Dragon design. The fierce kart can be obtained in the “Dragon Center.”
  • Epic “Boomhill Survival” Mode – In “Boomhill Survival,” players can face off in “Speed Mode” to be first to the finish line, and “Survival Mode” where racers must dodge various attacks and obstacles to still be standing once the time limit is up. After completing a series of three mini-games, racers can obtain a variety of in-game items based on the tier points earned during each game.
  • Celebratory Rewards – In honor of the 20th season, Nexon is giving out rewards such as “Lucky Star Jewel” and “K-Coin” until Sunday, July 9 to players who log in and play KartRider Rush+ for a given amount of time. Additionally, racers who complete objectives including logging in, playing ranked games and achieving points from weekly activities between Saturday, July 8 and Saturday, Aug. 5 will earn a “Nitro Puzzle” which players can exchange for “Spirit Venger (perm),” “Turbo Crystal” and more.

Fans of KartRider Rush+ can check out the Season 20 trailer to see what’s in store: https://youtu.be/jD2tHK4_iio

More information on KartRider Rush+’s “World Kart Championship” season is on the official website.

  • Official KartRider Rush+ Website: [LINK]
  • Season 20 “Block World” Trailer: [LINK]

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