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National Housing Authority’s General Manager Visits Disiplina Village Bignay

NHA Visits Disiplina Village Bignay
Official Visit of GM Joeben Tai : Mayor WES Gatchalian extends a warm welcome to National Housing Authority’s (NHA) General Manager (GM) Joeben Tai during his official visit to Disiplina Village Bignay, February 27, 2023.

GM Joeben Tai made a tour in DV Bignay to look for potential updates to NHA's projects and improvements inside Valenzuela City. Joining him during the tour were HRO Head Ms. Elen Reyes, and Engr. Mark Dizor, Former Councilor Rovin Feliciano, and Bignay Punong Barangay Graciano Victoriano. (Mico Quebrar, Photo/Text)

General Manager Joeben Tai of National Housing Authority (NHA) toured Disiplina Village (DV) Bignay to check on its development and map out future housing projects in Valenzuela City. The site visit happened on Monday, February 27.

The main objectives of the visit are to check the DV Bignay site, its facilities, and ongoing projects such as buildings that are yet to be turned over.

NHA Visits Disiplina Village Bignay

Accompanied by the City Housing and Resettlement Office Head, Ms. Ellen Reyes and Engineer Mark Dizor, GM Joeben Tai looked into buildings and inside its units, both occupied and vacant. He also addressed housing recipients and community garden keepers.

Valenzuela City Mayor WES Gatchalian prepared a lunch to welcome GM Joeben Tai and other NHA delegates, followed by a meeting attended by Former Councilor Rovin Feliciano and Bignay Punong Barangay Graciano Victoriano.

During the meeting, the continued partnership of NHA and Valenzuela City was discussed along with the proposed DV Arkong Bato and its further construction which GM Joeben Tai also visited to capped off his tour in Valenzuela City.

A 2017 Galing Pook Awardee, Disiplina Village Bignay is the country’s biggest and first in-city relocation site for ISFs (informal settler families) and families living in danger-zone areas. The only resettlement site with complete facilities including a 3S Center, Elementary, Highschool, and Daycare centers, an Integrated Community Food Production, a multipurpose building, a livelihood center, a park, and covered courts. The site also has a supermarket and transport terminal under Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

NHA Visits Disiplina Village Bignay

Before this, the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) pledged to give a budget for another housing project in Valenzuela City. Hence, another partnership to look forward to.

The first Disiplina Village in Valenzuela was constructed in Barangay Ugong, the third in Barangay Lingunan, and the fourth is now being constructed in Barangay Arkong Bato.

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