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BI trains its personnel on dactyloscopy

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THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) participated in expertise training sessions focused on dactyloscopy, a vital aspect of fingerprint analysis and identification, aimed at enhancing the skills and proficiency of BI personnel tasked with handling fingerprints.

According to BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco, the continuous skills development will ensure the effectiveness of immigration operations.

“The Bureau of Immigration is committed to providing our personnel with the necessary training and expertise to carry out their duties effectively. Dactyloscopy training equips our officers with essential skills in fingerprint analysis, enabling them to accurately identify individuals and enhance border security,” he said.

“This training initiative is part of the BI’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its capabilities in immigration enforcement and border security,” he added.

Dactyloscopy is the scientific study of fingerprints for the purpose of identification. It plays a crucial role in immigration enforcement by enabling authorities to verify the identities of individuals and detect potential security threats.

“Given the increasing importance of fingerprint analysis in immigration processes, expertise in dactyloscopy is essential for BI personnel responsible for handling fingerprints,” said Tansingco.

A total of 36 personnel assigned to different offices of the BI involved in fingerprint processing and analysis attended the training, which was prepared by the BI’s Learning and Development Section.

Through practical exercises and theoretical instruction, participants gained a deeper understanding of dactyloscopy principles and techniques, enhancing their ability to accurately analyze and interpret fingerprints.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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