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Nexon, Blue Archive Main Story Vol. 3 Eden Treaty: Chapter 4 Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part 2 update

Blue Archive Eden Treaty

The whirlwind climax of the Eden Treaty
Saori arrives as a new Arius Satellite School student
A 1,200 Pyroxene gift courtesy of Arius District Exploration Task 2

SEOUL – Feb. 15, 2023 – On Thursday, Feb. 15, Nexon Korea Corp. (CEO: Jung-Hun Lee) released part two of Blue Archive’s event story “Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods,” developed by Nexon Games (CEO: Yong-Hyun Park).

“Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part 2” follows Saori and Arius Squad as they aid Sensei and Atsuko. When Mika’s intervention throws their plans in disarray, Saori goes toe-to-toe with Mika to rescue the mission and her beloved squad. The story of Mika and Saori’s intersecting lives and the meaning of their battle will unfold.

Arius Satellite School student Saori will be added as part of the update as an Explosive-type Striker. She uses her EX Skill “Et Omnia Vanitas!” to deal guaranteed Crit DMG proportional to her ATK to a single enemy. Accompanying Saori’s arrival will be recruitment reruns for Aru, Shiroko (Cycling) and Aris. Special Mission Decagrammaton will also receive its third event update.

In celebration of the update, Nexon will also be releasing Arius District Exploration Task 2. Completing tasks, such as going through the Main Story, conducting Lessons and collecting Growth Materials will net players Handmade Wreaths. Players who collect 100 Handmade Wreaths will receive 1,200 Pyroxene as a gift. In addition, the Triple Rewards Campaign for Missions and Commissions will be in effect until Tuesday, Feb. 28. And, of course, as a Valentine’s Day celebration, the Schale’s Special Sweets Supply Event will allow players get the gift of 100 AP for logging in each day until Monday, Feb. 20.

You can find details about Blue Archive‘s Event Story update by visiting the official homepage and community pages.

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