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Over 800 families left homeless by fires aided by Manila government

Homeless due to fire
Mayor Honey Lacuna gives cash aid to fire victims in Manila. (JERRY S. TAN)

AT least 800 families received financial assistance from the city government of Manila after their homes were razed by recent fires.

The distribution of the said cash aid of P10,000 each were led by Mayor Honey Lacuna and Re Fugoso, head of the Manila department of social welfare.

In the said occasion, Lacuna also extended her concern for those who were injured in the said fires. It was reported that at least five sustained injuries.

The lady mayor reiterated earlier pronouncements that in cases of fire, the priority must be the lives and safety of the household members.

She noted reports that in many instances, people get injured because they go back to their burning homes to save things.

Lacuna said that while the financial assistance being extended by the city government may not be that substantial, it is meant to assure the fire victims that their city will be there to help them start anew.

The mayor also cautioned the residents that as the weather becomes hotter, the environment is more prone to fire, so that all precautions must be taken to prevent fire from happening.

Barangay authorities in Manila have also been tasked to equip their constituents with proper and sufficient knowledge regarding what to do in case of fire and how to avoid it.

At least three fire incidents struck Manila in the past week, including the populous Parola area in Binondo.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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