P20 coin : Embracing cheap

After casually announcing it was considering the proposed production of P20 coins, the BSPl promptly clarified a statement made by a high-ranking official and assured the public that an extensive and in-depth deliberation would be done regarding the proposal.

Non-combustibles are the way to go

David Sweanor, a lawyer and chairman of the advisory board of the Centre for Health Law, Policy & Ethics at the University of Ottawa, said this is because electronic nicotine delivery systems such as heat-not-burn products, electronic cigarettes, and Swedish snus are much safer alternatives to cigarette smoking.

Fair regulatory regime for e-cigs

“What do consumers want? For me and the people who are trying to quit smoking, it is fair regulation of safer nicotine products. There should be accessibility, affordability and availability of these products,” Clarisse Virgino, a member of the Coalition of Asia-Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates, said in one of the discussions during the forum.

Upside for fin-tech startup Down Under

With the support of the Department of Trade and Industry Australia Philippine Business Council, and Erns and Young, trailblazing local fin-tech start-up Acudeen Technologies Inc. sealed a partnership with First Pacific Capital Underwriters Pty Ltd last June 12 in Australia.