Joshua and Janella: Are they or aren't they?

January 22, 2020
Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador
Joshua Garcia, Janella Salvador

JOSHUA Garcia is reunited with former GF and ka-love team Julia Barretto in the zombie horror flick, “Block Z”. It’s just sad that as the movie’s January 29 playdate nears, he is now being intensely linked to Janella Salvador, his love interest in “Killer Bride”, just when the series has ended its telecast last week.

So you can’t say that the stories of his being sweet and caring to Janella is just part of the promo for their TV show as it has already been terminated. And for sure, all the publicity he’s getting with Janella won’t be of help to his movie with Julia. What’s happening is that his rumored romance with Janella is now getting more mileage than his movie with Julia.

Photos of Joshua with Janella being sweet to each other are going viral on social media and it looks like there’s truth to the rumor that they’re now making beautiful music with each other.

It is said that Maja Salvador, their co-star in “Killer Bride”, was the one who acted as matchmaker and pushed for their romantic relationship. It was Maja who posted on social media the many sweet video clips of Joshua and Janella being lovey-dovey with each other during the farewell and thanksgiving party of “Killer Bride” for all its cast members.

The most incriminating video clip showed Joshua kneeling in front of Janella and giving her a bunch of flowers while Janella was singing. Then they sang a duet where Joshua was hugging Janella all the time.

No wonder Julia Barretto allegedly got jealous and had already erased all previous photos of Joshua in her Instagram account and also unfriended him, along with Janella and Maja. Obviously, she feels offended that Joshua is acting sweet and romantic with Janella when they have a movie that is just about to be shown.

Fans are so kilig with Joshua and Janella being chummy to each other, but they’re also asking whatever happened to actor-singer Markus Patterson, who was earlier rumored to be Janella’s special someone. Have they already broken up because of Joshua?