Reasons Why Young Adults Use Marijuana

November 15, 2019
Whether due to peer pressure, a way of relief, or the belief of its health benefits, one thing is certain. Marijuana use for teens is at an all-time high. With medical marijuana gaining acclaim, the number is still expected to rise.

Things To Know About Cannabis and Sleep

November 15, 2019
A night of good sleep is vital to have a healthy body. It is an essential human need that can affect our body processes and proper body functioning. People who have excellent and regulated sleep are also proven to have a strong immune system and better metabolic processes. However, despite being a necessity, it is often disregarded by many. With today’s social demands and lifestyle, people are getting lesser healthy periods of sleep that can affect one’s well-being and lifetime.

How to get a cash loan with sure approval in the Philippines and not be fooled?

November 12, 2019
Financial difficulties have happened to each of us. At these moments, the question “How to quickly find money?” arises in the head. Sometimes, waiting for the approval of banks, collecting a pile of documents is not an option. The most common option is to apply for personal cash loans with sure approval in the Phillippines through a micro lending company. This is a safe and quick option, however, until now, many are afraid to contact microfinance organizations because of their lack of knowledge about how to do it right.

Women in Sports

November 12, 2019
With the vast majority of professional sports being focused primarily on male athletes, females can often get the short end of the stick. Coverage for women’s sports have long been less than their male counterparts, and the viewing is nowhere near the same level as men’s events. However, through this struggle to gain support and backing for female athletes, many have found great success in their field.

Globe Digital Thumbprint Program helps keep schoolchildren safe from online sexual exposure

November 11, 2019
With many schoolchildren being able to access the internet without adult supervision, they are inadvertently exposed to indecent photos and videos which may not be limited to just actual search anymore. Online sites have found creative ways to lure the youth into checking out sexually-charged materials through keywords that may seem harmless, spam emails, or unrelated topics, to expose them involuntarily to sexual activities.

Globe says Makati City ahead in digital transformation

November 10, 2019
Globe acknowledged Makati City as way ahead of its counterparts when it comes to adopting digital technologies and solutions. This is due to the city government's early adoption techniques and strong cooperation with the company's building of much needed telecommunications infrastructure.

Book Summary - What's so controversial about genetically modified food?

November 06, 2019
As it is stated in the title, the book, “What’s so controversial about genetically modified food?” written by John T Lang, is about the controversies that arise with regards to genetically modified food. The author attempts to inform the readers about such controversies in a narrative style and separates his claims in 5 different chapters. But before going into the details of specific chapters, John T Lang discusses what genetically modified food is in the first place and he explains the general pros and cons of the topic.

Australian GT releases dedicated GT4 calendar for 2020

November 05, 2019
In addition to the popular CAMS Australian GT Championship calendar recently released for 2020, organisers have revealed the dates of a dedicated new-look program for GT4 - a six round championship that will encompass some of the blue-ribbon events of the GT3 series, whilst also including two standalone events dedicated specifically to the GT4 category.

Apple’s AirPods Pro Review

November 05, 2019
Apple's Pro line usually is focused on more powerful versions and size-up components such as the computers: the MacBooks and iMacs. However, in 2019, the company led by Tim Cook brought the luxurious refinements embedded with the Pro devices to the iPhone 11, released in September. And now the nomenclature also names another successful product: the new AirPods Pro.

Australian GT finalises 2020 Endurance calendar

November 01, 2019
Australian GT have confirmed the date and venue for the final event of the 2020 CAMS Australian Endurance Championship, with the legendary Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit - the host of some of the most incredible GT battles of recent years - the scene of the third round of the new season in mid-August.