Facebook cites DFA’s ‘engaging stories’ about Filipinos abroad

October 27, 2019

ONLINE social networking site Facebook has commended the #GlobalFilipino campaign of the Department of Foreign Affairs for showcasing authentic, relatable content, the DFA said.

At its First Government Summit on  October 23 at Grand Hyatt Manila, Facebook Politics and Government Outreach Manager for Asia-Pacific Roy Tan gave tips on how to create engaging content for users of Facebook stressing posts should have “stories that engage” citing the DFA’s #GlobalFilipino campaign as a good example of such content. Two other government pages of other countries were also mentioned as good examples of “engaging stories.”

The post cited during the Summit was that of a member of the Filipino-American community who migrated to the United States in the 1980s. Like many other Filipinos who migrated to the US, the person featured, whose name is withheld due to privacy concern, found a sense of belongingness as a Filipino in a foreign country by being active in church where she convened with other Filipinos.

Her story resonates with many other Filipinos who have moved to other countries but still find ways to connect with their roots.

Another profile that garnered many “likes” in the series is that of a young Filipino man who was born and bred in Greece and yet maintains his Filipino identity.

Just like what his parents did to raise him, he says, “When I become a parent, I will make sure that my children will not be alienated from the Filipino culture and language. I will make sure that they possess genuine Filipino values such as saying ‘po’ and ‘opo,’ and pagma-mano or the honor-gesture.”

The #GlobalFilipino campaign was launched by the DFA this year to tell the story of some of the over 10 million Filipinos all over the world from all walks of life.

It picks up from the DFA’s earlier campaign, “Filipinos Around the World” in 2016. The #GlobalPinoy campaign is posted on the DFA’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.