Taiwanese woman in skimpy outfit was the victim

October 12, 2019
It all started Thursday when the photo of the said 26-year-old Taiwanese made the rounds on social media. She supposedly caught the attention of some beachgoers due to the two-piecebathing suit she was wearing, which nearly exposed her most private parts. She was with her boyfriend, who was with her in the said photo and both are here as tourists.

270 Chinese deported

October 11, 2019
According to BI Port Operations Division chief Grifton Medina, the aliens were deported aboard flights bound for Xiamen, China which left the Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 10 a.m. They were escorted in their trip by BI intelligence agents as well as Chinese policemen and Chinese embassy officials.

Isko to remaining truck holdupper: Surrender

October 10, 2019
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has said that only one out of the four suspects in the brazen daylight holdup of a truck driver on R-10 recently remains at large, with an assurance that the Special Mayor’s Reaction Team (SMART) under Maj. Jhun Ibay, in cooperation with the Manila Police District (MPD) will be relentless in hunting him down.

Isko shuts down Isetann

October 09, 2019
FOR a string of violations, the Isetann Mall on Recto Avenue in Quiapo, Manila was closed down by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno yesterday, with a warning to all other malls and establishments that there is now a working city government that really means business. This—closing of an entire mall— is another first in the history of Manila.