Prosecutors' group deplores murder of colleague

July 10, 2020
"The Prosecutor's League of Manila strongly condemns the despicable and cowardly act of murder of our beloved colleague... The killing of Chief Senado's is not only an assault to a hard-working, brilliant, and dedicated public servant who devoted decades of his life to public service but also an assault to rule of law. This attack against a prosecutors as all previous senseless killings of prosecutors, judges, and lawyers who are the pillars of our justice system, is an attack against the entire legal community. We urge the PNP and NBI to conduct a thorough investigation, urgently solve this crime and bring the perpetrators to justice," the group said in a statement.

DOJ chief welcomes challenge to new terror law

July 05, 2020
"The group advocates a just and humane law that is for the benefit of all Filipinos. While threats to our national security need to be addressed, the law, as crafted, is oppressive and inconsistent with our constitution, hence, the petition. This fight against Terrorism should not and should never be a threat to the fundamental freedoms of all peaceful Filipinos," the group said in a statement.