Hurting Taiwan & rejoicing for Korea

February 12, 2020
For 92 years, ever since the Academy Awards started in 1929, the premier film award-giving body aimed at “advancing the arts and sciences of motion pictures” has been seen as “obsessed with English-language films made by white people” until the movie Parasite – shot in South Korea and without any international cast members – came along.

Some good and bad news on nCoV

February 05, 2020
As of Feb. 5, the number of confirmed nCoV cases in China where it originated, including two dozen countries where it spread, has reached 24,553 – an increase of almost 4,000 cases from the previous day. And the latest death toll, based on data provided by China’s National Health Commission, stands at 492.

A world united in grief over Kobe Bryant

January 29, 2020
In the US, grief was all over in Los Angeles where people looked up to Kobe as their hero for devoting all his 20 years as a professional player for the Lakers. “They cried in bars and churches, on street corners and golf courses and basketball courts. Restaurants closed Sunday night to honor his memory, and people placed basketballs outside their front doors, like flags at half staff,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

Taiwan can help in global climate efforts

November 27, 2019
It often happens that the typhoon hitting northern Luzon, particularly in Batanes, would be the same one devastating Taiwan. So close is Batanes to Taiwan’s southernmost tip that it’s like “one community, one typhoon.” Having a shared destiny – being ravaged by deadly typhoons – Filipinos need to support the Taiwanese people who want meaningful participation of their country in UN efforts to combat climate change.

Leni as drug czar: confusing and doubtful?

November 14, 2019
Is the new role given her “a trap set up to make her fail and look incompetent should she accept it, or unwilling and unable to help if she doesn’t?” Was giving her a new role a spur-of-the-moment decision of President Duterte? Is making VP Leni a drug czar an acknowledgement that the war on drugs has failed miserably? Can she really exercise all the powers a drug czar ought to have?

‘Tamang hinala’ can be so wrong

November 07, 2019
Were wrong assumptions behind the expletive tweeted by Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. to a reporter recently? And were wrong assumptions also used by those weighing in on whether or not Vice President Leni Robredo is right to accept the post of drug czar?

More quakes to shake us more into action

October 31, 2019
The images of suffering in Davao, Cotabato and other regions in Mindanao hit by successive earthquakes that killed or injured many people, and damaged houses, buildings, roads and other structures, certainly highlight the need to be on a constant state of readiness.

Repairing a broken PNP

October 24, 2019
His words could come to mind as one seeks to find lasting solutions to the persistent problem of scalawags in the Philippine National Police with its current image probably at an all-time low, especially with the abrupt departure of Oscar Albayalde from its top post amid his alleged links to “ninja cops” whose notoriety keeps cropping up.

Climate strike: The Filipino youth rises

September 19, 2019
When schoolchildren from around the world – from the edge of the Arctic Circle to the South Pacific – made their voices heard on a historic Friday last March 15 in one of the largest global efforts to demand more action on climate change, it seemed nothing much was heard from students of the Philippines.

Taiwan can help UN achieve global goals

September 12, 2019
“As we embark on this great collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind. Recognizing that the dignity of the human person is fundamental, we wish to see the Goals and targets met for all nations and peoples,” they declared in a plan of action entitled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Devastating and disappointing

September 05, 2019
It was touted to be a sort of magic bullet to help both rice farmers and consumers. Yet six months after the Rice Tariff Law took effect, the situation is turning out to be a nightmare, especially for the farmers.

Why is rice still expensive?

August 01, 2019
Rice farmers are in a situation that’s far worse. Amid the deluge of imported rice in the aftermath of the new law, farmers are suffering because “farm gate prices of paddy rice dropped to a record low of P12 per kilogram (/kg) to P14/kg in many parts of the country, a steep drop from an average of P20/kg price for fresh palay earlier this year.”

Are we now seen as barbaric fools?

July 18, 2019
“Iceland criticized Duterte’s drug war, so he accused its people of ‘eating ice,’” quipped a recent The Washington Post headline that must have easily sparked some chuckles. And the amusement can be attributed both to the statement’s intrinsic humor and the president’s seeming ignorance of one of the world’s wealthiest nations.